Wanderings of a new Londoner

I’ve been a Londoner now for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. The first couple of days were a bit of a blur I’ll admit. No least because I have no idea where I am most of the time! I’ve been to London quite a few times as a tourist so I’m not completely clueless but living somewhere, trying to establish a routine away from tourist city hotspots is an entirely different thing. I’m fast coming to the realisation that I took for granted my familiarity with Sydney, for all its funny street names and odd little suburbs.

This morning I headed off to pick up some paperwork, knowing a name, address and nothing much else.. thank you google maps. Umm how did people get around before you?

I love to set off wandering a new city with a vague idea of the direction I want to head and not much else in the way of directions. I’ve always found that I stumble on the best little surprises that way, a view, a monument, or best of a all a cute little cafe. So after my appointment this morning instead of heading back to the tube I decided to just keep walking in the direction of the nearest park (Kensington Gardens). Five minutes late I turned a corner and found myself in the same street that I stayed at last time I visited London. How’s that for a happy surprise. Sometimes all it takes is just a little piece of familiarity to feel better.

I plan to take you with me while I settle in and make a new life for myself in London. There will be tears (have already been tears) as well as all the meet cute moments, some of which I’ve stuck in here.

Speaking of which, I’ve made dog watching a full time job.

Lara x

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