A North Yorkshire summer (and maybe a little spring)

Around the time I moved to London my brother decided a move across the world was in order for him too! Except rather than moving to a city he decided to try the country life and settled in North Yorkshire. To this pretty place in fact! His decision was helped, of course, by the fact he’s a big animal vet and cows and sheep are a bit thin on the ground in cities like London (I still hold a bit of a dream to one day have a pet goat or maybe tea cup pig though!) For now though I think I’ll have to make the most of cuddles with the tiny scrap bossing it over me in the video above. She goes by the name Luna and she’s all ears and attitude 😎.

Rippon Cathedral with flower crown 🌸🌸🌸

Swaledale. Probably my favourite valley in North Yorkshire – so far anyway! This is the walk that we chose to do in the Dales. 20km, 6 hours, and 4 very sore feet by the end.. BUT definitely worth it. It took us in a big loop from Keld to the Tan Hill Inn along a wide sweeping valley dotted with sheep, and shifting sun dapples from the scudding clouds above. I’m keen to check out a few more from these Guardianlists too! If you’ve done one that you loved please let me know! Fairytale cottage windows in Muker And let’s not forget the doors

Anyone else’s idea of the perfect country estate approach? Pretty sure Mr Darcy could just come strolling out from behind that tree…?

This means that if I’m not in London I’ll quite often be up in the countryside visiting him, or maybe in Europe somewhere, but you’ll be hearing all about that soon. North Yorkshire in summer is pretty much an English countryside dream. Wildflowers (and cottage gardens) everywhere, the greenest of green hedgerows, rolling hill sides, and huge creaking oak trees breaking up the patchwork farm fields. At the moment the wheat fields are turning into carpets of gold, and the blue skies the current heatwave is producing provide the loveliest backdrop to the vistas visible with every twist of the country roads.

Pretty dales villages. This one is called Muker and the source of more than one instagram moment of late

We’ve been going on adventures through the Yorkshire Dales National Park and finding waterfalls, High sweeping valleys, ancient crumbling convents, the highest pub in Britain, and what I’m pretty sure is the best ice cream in The UK at Reeth (run don’t walk and thank me later 😋).

Mint + pecan praline + drooling thanks to the Reeth Ice Cream Parlour

Ok so it turns out I snuck a bit of Spring in here too (but who’s complaining about extra flowers right?) Seeing as I’m up and down all the time what do you think? Would anyone be interested in seeing my snaps through the seasons in this pretty corner of the world?

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