A very English Christmas and where to find it

So you moved to England, now what?! The answer in summer is that you get to experience a summer in the UK which turns out to be hit and humid and not at all what you expected! Seriously, 40 degrees on the tube? I moved here to get away from that sort of nonsense.

But anyway, the answer to that question in December (ok maybe even in late October 🙄) is that you go hunting to find alllll the Christmassy feelings. And there is a lot to find.

I mostly split my time between London where I live, and North Yorkshire where my brother has settled. The silver lining to this situation (there needs to be one considering how expensive the train tickets are 😳😬) is that this year I was able to experience how both a big city and the countryside do Christmas! Hint: lots of fairy lights for both ✨

The photographer in me also loved all the wreaths people put out I can’t lie. The effort that goes into some of the ones that I’ve seen is amazing. I wonder if people change them every year or store them? Does anyone know?

Best spots in London for wreath hunting…hmm I’d say Notting Hill is a stereotype for classic London for a reason – the residents just go all out every season!

By far the most festive place I found in London this Christmas was The Ritz. If you get a chance to pop in for a drink, dinner, afternoon tea or even it a sticky beak, this is the treat you have waiting for you! I mean…

Seeing as I’ve already mentioned afternoon tea, or high tea as I know it, Harrod’s is a classic name for a reason. I love the tea’s at Covent Garden Hotel, and Sketch London looks like a total experience, but for a London afternoon anD as many little sandwiches as you like (seriously, they just keep coming if you ask) Harrod’s tea is one touristy experience I can recommend.

But North Yorkshire at Christmas? Well I’d say check out Masham for sure, definitely Bedale, and try Helmsley and Grassington for some of the prettiest backdrops for Christmas in the Dales.

Christmas decorations just seem so much more at home in a cold environment than near the beach in Australia. Always helps when you’re basically a Christmas tree yourself as well – so festive.

DIY Christmas tree attire instructions.

Option 1. Wear a green coat, and a red scarf. Accessories with a bauble in the form of a small dog in a Christmas jumper.

Option 2. Wear green boots and a red scarf, and again ofcourse make sure you accessorize with a bauble (I suggest a tiny golden dog in a bag).

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