Meandering Southern Italy: Part 2

So we’ve strolled our way through a few quaint little towns already (check Part 1 of this blog post). Let me introduce you to a few more now.

Lecce. Rainy morning strolls spent ducking into old churches and discovering masterpieces, finding hole in the wall espresso joints, and the detail! All the architectural details will keep me inspired for a good long while.

Ostuni. The white town of Lecce. And it’s beautiful. Perched on a hill top and tumbling down the sides likes icing sugar, when the sun hits the old town it positively shimmers. Walk south-ish around to the viewing point just off Corso Vittorio Emanuele 58 to get a really lovely panorama just before the sun sets. Be prepared for walking up and up and up, cobble stone streets and some of the best gelato of southern Italy. We were jostled around in Gelateria Borgo Antico by chattering locals the entire time we were choosing and ordering and I take that as a pretty good review. Plus, seriously, look at the size of that waffle cone.

And when you get sick of ancient old towns and beautiful rocky beaches..ugh I know, so boring🙈 you might want to head to Grotte di Castellana in Puglia. It’s a huge old cave system that’s really beautiful and interesting to explore. A guide takes you through so you can’t get lost! And can I just say, I think in the middle of summer it might can be the best kind if place to be for a bit!

Bari was our last stop so I can only show it too you at night. But considering you fly in here to then go out and explore the region I think it would be well worth building in some time to spend exploring the place. It has a lovely coastal town feel, and you definitely know when you’ve entered the old town but walking through massive stone arches.

I’m a sucker for fairy lights and they’re strewn all over the small piazzas here, and even better, I found the best snacks in the place – so you don’t have to! Both holes in the wall (my favourite kind of eateries) and both run by families I get the feeling. The first is a tiny pizza place called Pizzeria di Cosimo – and when I say pizza I mean that’s it, it’s all they make. You order with the lady sitting at the table but the door, and she shouts it over to the chaps making it. We got the small ones and they still looked like this!

And yes, we did it it like toasties! We were in a rush and didn’t have time to sit and eat but OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t going to pass on pizza so I literally folded my pizzetta in half and ate it like a sandwich 😆.


The other foodie experience to try in Bari is the fried polenta snacks called Sgagliozza. I’d head straight to Maria’s window shop. Any local food joint with a line of locals waiting is always a good sign, and this place doesn’t just have a line, it has a suitably rowdy Italian scrum crowding around the window. Maria patiently puts up with the gawking and carries on preparing the sgagliozza in front of everyone, counting them out as she bags up and seasons them accordingly order. They’re delicious piping hot and super cheap at only €1 for six pieces.

Heading home happy and full, of food, memories and laugh. The best kinds of full.

P.s. If you’ve stuck with me to reach this point I’m impressed. The funny thing is I said I wouldn’t go crazy with writing for these blog posts, I wanted to let the photos speak for themselves. But I guess I just can’t help myself. I go exploring and want to share all my favourite find with you so maybe I can pass on a little of the magic I find. If I can make you laugh along the way that’s always a big bonus for me too.

Lara x

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