Lavender fields and zenned out bumble bees

I don’t know about you but for me COVID-19 has meant anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. I think it’s getting worse with age, no actually I know it is. Funnily enough it seems to be a family trait (thanks Mum) as both my brother and I also suffer with it.

I read somewhere that anxiety only exists in the future, about things that have yet to happen and so to an extent are hypothetical. You don’t get anxious about the past or the present in other words because in the past only exists in our memories and the present is actively happening and you have to react to it. But the future exists in our plans so we don’t yet know what’s coming and how we will act/react.

Anyway, I’m a major worry wart and it’s getting worse. So enter lavender. And meditation. And running. And tea (also coffee but let’s gloss over that as pretty sure it’s not helping things). I’ve also taken up collecting and talking to houseplants, which my mum keeps telling me is good because they’ll produce more oxygen (thanks mum let’s go with that rather than it being a symptom of me loosing my mind a little bit).

But back to lavender. I’ve bought bath salts with it. I’ve got the essential oils. Hello about 20 lavender scented candles turning my bedroom into a moody boudoir before bed (just from me for me…aww you shouldn’t have). I’ve got the little pouches of dried flowers scattered in my wardrobe and which I started rubbing over my pillows before bedtime on bad days. Next step was always going to be actually visiting a lavender farm!

We found one just outside of London, did you know they existed outside of France? Me neither! Hitchin Lavender Farm, to the north of London, is small, quaint and full of lovely bumble bees making the most of the flowers too.

Do you reckon the bees also feel super zen after a day of buzzing around the lavender?

Obviously I decided to wear the brightest dress known to man to fully compete with my backdrop. Not pictured, me shoving my face into the lavender bushes every 5 minutes to inhale. 

They’re keeping things safe at the farm by timing entry so make sure you check the website for tickets and times. We caught a train from London to Hitchin station and then there are taxi’s available for £7 to the Lavender farm.

Ohh and try the lavender shortbread. It’s strong, I’ll be honest I sort of felt like I was eating a bath bomb, but it’s different and delicious!

Now the only question is, how long until I need to go back for another dose of calm?


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