A year in the life of London: Autumn

I thought it might be nice to bring you along with me through a year in the life of London. The seasons here are so distinct! I’m not sure but I suspect that they are even more heightened for people like me, expats who hail from somewhere where the climate is more temperate year round.

Starting off with Autumn.

Possibly my favourite season. Although after going through my camera roll when coming up with this blog idea, I may just say the same thing at the beginning of all my other seasonal posts as well!

Thanks to the abundance of parks and other pretty little green incidental spaces scattered around every corner in London (not to mention the street trees, wall climbers and other little front gardens), come September/ October every year and London becomes tinged in jewel like tones, shades of gold, bronze, wine red and silvery frost, all of which are prone to gleam and sparkle even more when caught in early morning light.

South Kensington and Chelsea are some of my favourite areas to see the colours fir a wander around pretty streets. If you fancy more of a Park stroll away from any cars head to the Royal Parks including Kensington Palace Gardens and Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park. Across the river Battersea Park is another gem.

Fun fact. When I only knew London as a tourist I thought that you had to head to Notting Hill to see those pretty rainbow streets, where each facade is painted a different colour. And that isn’t wrong, Notting Hill and Westbourne Grove (the first place I lived when I moved to London and still one of my favourite areas) are a great spot to see colourful houses but there are are also many others. A good tactic to find them is to explore down the little side streets, or down Mews streets. Chelsea and South Kensington have them in spades, also Primrose Hill. Should I do a post on where to find some of my favourite colourful London Streets? Leave me a comment if you’d like me to!

If you take a stroll through Richmond Park and Bushy Park (near Hampton Court Palace) you’ll see the deer among the crunchy fallen leaves. The dogs start to appear as in a fashion show, dressed up in coats, and even little boots (if you’re lucky).

Next. Winter.

L x.

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